Meet The Spider Lifts

As some of our clients already know, Ontree has introduced two new spider lifts. These are lifting devices which are able to access tighter spaces than bucket trucks. The lifts can fit through a 3’ gate and are around 6’ high, giving us the ability to access areas which previously needed a climber to be able to perform tree work.

The lifts are ideal for tree pruning and removing trees and shrubs, trimming over buildings and structures, removing broken or dangerous limbs, and removing structurally unsafe trees, such as ash trees killed by Emerald Ash Borer.

The lifts are able to navigate steps and slopes to some degree, meaning we can access trees over ravine areas and behind immoveable structures such as parking lot driveways. The photo below shows our large lift working on trees overhanging a parking ramp.

The lifts can reach heights of 50’ (smaller lift) and 78’ (larger lift), and proved to be extremely useful tools we used to make many dangerous situations safe during the last winter’s ice storm.

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