Restoration Tree Pruning After An Ice Storm

Tree Pruning After An Ice Storm

Had enough of winter 2013-2014 yet? Kids say NOOOO! Adults – a big YES! Unfortunately it looks like the kids are going to get their way as cold temperatures and snow look to be the norm for the remainder of this winter.

The recent ice storm was one of several storm events of the season. However, it was certainly a unique weather event and will be remembered as one of the most devastating to the urban forests of the GTA. Clean up of tree debris continues and will not likely be entirely completed for several months.

Despite appearances, damage to the GTA’s urban canopy, while devastating, is not as bad as many perceive. Countless trees were damaged, and many have been or will need to be removed. But in their travels throughout the GTA this past month, our Toronto arborists have come upon a surprisingly high number of trees that while injured, can still be saved. Proper restoration tree pruning techniques, possibly in combination with various bracing materials, may be utilized to save many trees that are currently being viewed as removals.

What Can Be Done?

Restoration or recovery pruning is a particular technique used by arborists to recover damaged trees. It is mostly composed of removing cracked and hanging limbs and stubs, and of pruning back the crown to a natural shape by reducing longer limbs that were unaffected by the storm. New growth will need to be maintained over the next few years as many species will regrow sprouts which will need thinning. Planning for your tree’s needs over the next few years following the 2013 ice storm is a worthwhile investment.

Hiring a Toronto tree fertilizing service in the spring can also help to maintain the health of trees which have had portions of their canopies damaged, and to help trees recover more quickly with regrowth.

Before having a tree removed, we recommend you contact Ontree to have a proper assessment to determine if your tree is viable to restore and preserve.

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