The Importance Of Keeping A Tree Healthy

The Need For Regular Tree Trimming And Pruning

Regular tree trimming keeps trees healthy, contributing to a beautiful landscape and enhanced property value. Tree pruning means much more than simply lopping off branches and stems. It is a science. Follow the right process and your efforts will be fruitful.

How To Boost Tree Health And Growth?

  • Monitor Annual Growth: Tree growth takes place both on the trunk and branches. One way to judge how much growth has taken place is from the distance between last year’s buds and the current ones. Remember growth varies by species and trees.
  • Trim For One Leader: When tree trimming, remember that they should have only one central leader (in most species). This gives a straight appearance as well as adds strength and stability to the tree structure. More than one leader may cause the tree to split.
  • Prune Dead And Broken Branches: Insects and disease strike in these places. You can test for dead branches by scraping the branch with your thumbnail or gently bending it. Living branches will show green underneath. They are also supple and bend easily. Dead branches will snap.
  • Inspect The Trunk: The bark should not be loose or peeling, except for certain trees like some birches and maples. Neither should there be cracks and holes or fungi. Always use tree trimming equipment carefully. Open tree wounds are susceptible to insects and disease.
  • Check For Bare Patches In Evergreens: Some common causes include improper tree pruning methods, lack of water and nutrients or damage from animals, insects, disease or even pesticide use.
  • Attend To Wilting Trees: Wilting is typically a sign of tree stress. This could be caused by improper tree trimming and watering practices (too much or little), not enough sunlight, over-fertilization, or disease.
  • Examine Leaves: They are a good indicator of tree health. Yellowing, irregular shapes and stunting are signs of damage, disease or poor nutrition.
  • Inspect For Signs Of Insects Or Tree Diseases: As explained earlier, tree wounds, dead or broken branches invite insects and disease. Oozing sap, slow growth rate, holes and cracks, lack of fruit or flowers, wilting, visible insects, etc. are some signs of tree disease.

Tree trimming or pruning is best left to the professionals such as the expert team at Ontree. It is a highly specialized job that not only affects tree health but personal safety as well. Our tree trimming services follow approved standards to enhance tree growth and health.

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