Toronto Tree Fertilization Experts Offer Winter Tree Care Checklist

Tree Fertilization Do’s And Don’ts

As the trees start to change colour, let it also serve as a reminder that it’s time to prepare them for the winter. Tree fertilization at this time strengthens their roots giving them a strong base on which to thrive next spring.

Here are some dos and don’ts to take note of for tree fertilization:

  • Tree fertilization is best done when the trees are dormant which is typically from November to April.
  • The next best time to fertilize is in early spring and summer, from May through July.
  • Trees should never be fertilized in late summer or fall. From July through November, trees store sugars, harden off new growth, set buds, and otherwise prepare physiologically for winter. Any fertilization during this time will send the wrong signals to the tree, and ultimately do much more harm than good.

Tree fertilization, although important, is just one of the many steps in winter tree care. Pruning and clean-up are also critical to healthy growth during the spring and summer season. Below is an essential checklist to make it easy for you.

Your 5-point winter tree care checklist:

  1. Rake and remove fallen leaves. This will reduce the amount of fungal leaf disease next year (many fungal leaf diseases develop over winter on leaf litter).
  2. Prune dead wood to decrease the risk of tree diseases and insect pests.
  3. Wait until the tree is dormant (at least November) to prune living branches, taking care to use the right technique.
  4. Wrap the lower main stem of trees that have not developed thick bark to protect them from sun scald (or winter burn) and rodent feeding damage.
  5. Use caution when applying ice melting products near trees and shrubs in winter. Salts and other chemicals contained in some products may cause harm.

It is the perfect time to assess tree needs when they dormant and without their leaves as structural integrity issues and criss-crossing branches are easily visible.

Begin with a tree inventory which details location, type size and condition. This will give you a valuable reference point while creating tree management plans including fertilization for your property.

Ontree’s ISA-Certified arborists are available to discuss your tree related questions and provide reliable advice that is easy to understand and implement.

A primary step in assuring good tree health is to provide a nutrient and mineral rich soil. Winter tree fertilization is a good way to replenish a tree’s food source. Our proven tree fertilization treatments deliver visible results.

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