Toronto Tree Planting Initiatives

Show Your Support For Our Tree Planting Initiatives

Tree planting offers many benefits to both individuals in the immediate vicinity, as well as the surrounding environment. In addition to offering aesthetically pleasing views, tree planting enables cleaner air and an improved habitat for wildlife. With so much modern progress clearing areas of land once covered by trees, it is more important than ever to replace what has already been lost.

Realizing the importance of tree planting, Toronto has set forth a goal of significantly increasing the current amount of trees throughout the city over the course of approximately the next 35 years. This will be accomplished through the Trees Across Toronto initiative.

How You Can Support Toronto’s Tree Planting Initiatives

Toronto has developed this program to encourage and help homeowners across the city plant their own trees and shrubbery alongside the city’s own efforts.

  • The best time to plant trees is in the spring and the fall. You can purchase your own trees or contact one of the city programs to see if you can receive a free tree.
  • The initiative urges you to spread the word and encourage others to also engage in tree planting.
  • Contact a reputable tree planting company that can advise you as to what types of trees will look and grow best in your area.
  • Learn how best to care for the trees or shrubbery you will be planting so that you can ensure its healthy growth.
  • If you have a large property, you can plant several trees and create a beautiful outdoor environment.

As a homeowner, you likely have several responsibilities that take up much of your time, and may not think you can devote the time needed to select and plant trees on your own. If you’d like to be a part of the Trees Across Toronto initiative, you can call Ontree, Toronto’s tree care specialists, who will be happy to handle all your tree planting needs.

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