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Available In And Around the GTA

Mulch is derived from chipped up tree material.

Additional Details:

  • We must be able to dump in a front yard location or have access with the truck
  • You must be able to accept 3 or 5 tonnes of loads (these are the sizes of our trucks)
  • Loads are a mixture of soft and hard wood variety
  • Loads may contain twigs and tree leaves
  • All natural woodchip and mulch debris
  • Must be in our service area
  • Our smallest truck (full) is approximately 3 tons of mulch.
  • 1 ton of wood chips at 4 inch (10cm) depth will cover an area of approximately 50 square feet (4.5 square metres) or a 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 feet box.
  • 1 ton is approximately 5 cubic yards or 3.8 cubic metres (dry).

Please fill out our estimate form to request wood chips and select ‘MULCHING’ on drop down menu and give us as much info as you can as far as how many tonnes you can accept, where we can dump the chips on your property as well as if we need to call ahead or not.

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