Why Spring Might Be the Best Time for Tree Planting in Toronto

Spring Tree Planting Can Offer the Best Odds for Success in Toronto’s Climate

Why Spring Might Be the Best Time for Tree Planting in TorontoWhile some property owners might grumble about the amount of raking they have to do when the trees begin to drop their leaves in the fall, there should be very little complaint relative to the benefits that trees can provide to property owners and to the environment as whole. It is well-worth any time and effort invested in gathering leaves during the fall in exchange for the long list of positives provided by healthy trees; this list includes:

  • Shade and protection
  • Enhancing curb appeal
  • Reduction of soil erosion
  • Improvement in air quality
  • Management of storm run-off
  • Acting as snow or wind breaks
  • Replenishment of the tree canopy
  • Contributions to energy conservation

Although many people may envision all of the above as the offshoots (pun intended) of existing trees only, it warrants the observation that these dynamics should also be taken into consideration when planting new trees. Indeed, property owners who want to either add or replace trees on their grounds have several decisions to make before proceeding; in a nutshell, the art of tree planting is much more than just digging holes in the ground large enough to accommodate the roots then watering those trees occasionally.

When investing in new trees, property owners may want to capitalize on the expertise of a professional tree planting service provider like OnTree in Toronto. In addition to their professional recommendations relative to maximizing many of the benefits listed above, these certified arborists possess the knowledge required to plant trees at the right time based on the type of trees and the local climate; in Toronto and surrounding area, this means that the spring would be the best time for tree planting.

Why? There are several reasons for planting trees in the spring in Toronto, including:

  • The period immediately following spring tree planting is typically moderate
  • Planting trees in spring offers maximum growing time before the first winter
  • The spring rains support the property owner’s efforts re: watering their trees
  • The summer season is too hot and new trees would be susceptible to damage
  • The frozen ground in the winter prevents the roots from establishing/spreading
  • The cold winter and frozen ground limit the volume of water available to the roots
  • The choice of trees at most garden centres/nurseries is typically best in the spring

Now that the frost has lifted and the ground and air temperatures have warmed after the recent winter season, the right time to plant trees has arrived in Toronto and vicinity; for property owners looking to capitalize on these conditions, the team from OnTree is ready to assist with any and all tree planting needs.

Get Professional Advice on Tree Planting and Tree Care from a Certified Arborist

Why Spring Might Be the Best Time for Tree Planting in TorontoAs with any general rules, such as planting trees in the spring to achieve the best results in Toronto’s climate, there might often be exceptions; in the case of tree planting, there can be some nuances or flexibility in the right or best time to plant trees when one takes into consideration the specific classes of trees.

For example, many tree planting experts will support and sanction a distinction between when to plant deciduous trees and when to plant evergreens or conifers (cone-bearing). The differentiation in this particular circumstance is based on the following:

  • Deciduous
    • Lose their leaves in the fall, lessening their overall water requirements
    • While their roots still need water to grow, they need less than the leaves
    • Thus they can be planted in the fall; must still be watered over the winter
  • Evergreens/Conifers
    • Retain their needles and will continue to lose water throughout the winter
    • Roots will have difficulty absorbing sufficient water when ground is frozen
    • Best if planted late spring (before the heat of summer) or early in the fall

The above merely adds to the decisions that property owners will have to make relative to their tree planting initiatives; that is, they will need to consider what to plant, when to plant, and where to plant on their property. In order to ensure that they make the most of their decisions and of the money invested in their new trees, Toronto property owners might find benefit from consulting with a certified arborist from OnTree.

The knowledgeable OnTree arborists will offer trusted advice on the various factors that should be addressed with any new tree planting as well as the appropriate care for those trees in the seasonal climate of the Greater Toronto Area; their professional advice and tree care services can greatly enhance the probability that these newly-planted trees will adapt and flourish in this environment.

For additional information on the professional services provided by the certified arborists from OnTree, please visit Arborist Services

If you are planning on planting new trees in the spring, capitalize on the knowledge of a certified arborist to ensure that all factors are taken into consideration for the health and longevity of those trees. Call OnTree today at 416-412-2100 or contact us to discuss your tree planting plans with one of our certified arborists.

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