Planting The Right Tree To Match Your Climate And Your Property

Tree planting is an excellent way to beautify your home and/or property. Healthy trees provide a number of diverse functions and benefits in this regard, such as:

 Shaded areas for relaxation
 Protection from direct sunlight
 Added privacy for your home
 Seasonal foliage and colour
 Reducing water run-off/soil erosion
 Natural fencing or boundaries
 Producing different types of fruit
 Ornamental or visual appeal
 More definition to your landscaping
 Reduced cooling costs in the summer
 Shelter/food for birds and other wildlife

To capitalize on any/all of these functions and benefits, tree selection is not only the first step in the tree planting process, it is a critical component to its ultimate success – and to the degree of pleasure and enjoyment that you will derive from it.

When selecting which tree (or trees) to plant on your property, there are several factors to be considered:

 Climate – what varieties are best suited to local weather conditions/temperatures?
 Type of tree – deciduous (leaves are shed in winter), evergreens, or fruit-bearing?
 Size at maturity – the anticipated final height, shape, circumference of the tree?
 Growth rate – how quickly will the tree grow to maturity or begin to produce fruit?
 Available space – how big is your property and what varieties may fit best in it?
 Purpose – what function or functions do you want the tree or trees to provide?

With so many variables involved in tree selection and planting, the insight and expertise of a professional tree planting company can help in setting the right foundation and the right direction for such an investment of time and effort – and money.

Tree Planting Is Much More Than Just Digging A Hole In The Ground

Regardless of the variety of tree selected, its intended purpose, and its cost, you run the risk of losing the tree – and repeating the process all over again – if the tree planting is not carried out in an appropriate manner. There is much more to tree planting than just digging a hole, inserting the tree, and adding water.

Here are some major decisions or steps that are required before tree planting begins:

• Determining potential hazards – locate overhead wires and buried cables/pipes
• Choosing a location on your property based on the intended purpose of the tree
• Choosing the best time to plant – this will depend on the variety of tree chosen

Here are some of the key steps or activities that are required during tree planting:

• Prepare the hole – two times the size of the root ball and as deep as the root ball
• Loosen the roots – gently remove any twine or burlap
• Set the tree – the point where roots meet trunk should be flush to the ground
• Backfill the hole – with soil and water, making sure to remove any/all air pockets
• Fertilize the roots – with a high-phosphorus fertilizer
• Add mulch (bark or wood chips) – 2-3 inches deep; not within 6 inches of the trunk
• Stake the tree – only if necessary, to help the tree withstand possible strong winds

Hire A Tree Planting Company To Maximize Your Time And Your Investment

Tree planting does indeed require a lot of work and attention to detail, along with the right tools and the right materials. However, investing this amount of time and money is also an investment in beautifying your property – and likely in increasing its value, too.
The services of a Toronto tree planting company can play an important role in this endeavour.

Whether you simply lack the time or the tools/materials to do your own tree planting, or would prefer to rely on the advice and experience of a professional service to get the job done right, a tree planting company can be a valuable asset in your decision-making process and in looking after all aspects of the planting process.

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