Stump Removal In Tight And Difficult-To-Access Locations

Professional Stump Removal Services

Stump removal makes for a clean and safe landscape. Whether you prefer the stump grinding method or to remove the entire root system depends on what is best for your property. The location and access to the tree can also impact the choice of stump removal method used.

Tight access often makes both stump grinding and removal a huge challenge. Whether or not it can be done depends on the expertise of the tree removal company.

A number of issues contribute to a difficult stump removal project. These include a tree that is located:

  • Close to a wall, or your house
  • Close proximity to power lines, water and/or gas pipes
  • Close to pool areas
  • Next to fences
  • Inside planter boxes
  • A small work area
  • A small or narrow passageway for equipment to get to the yard

Stump removal can be hazardous work and should always be done by professionals. In areas with tight access you need special equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently. You should inform the contractor about the spatial challenges and insist they examine the area first. An established tree removal company will do a visual inspection to determine a proper stump removal plan.

Our stump removal crews will always use the safest and most productive method to remove your tree. Tight spaces are not a problem for us. We have special equipment to navigate the constricted areas and get the job done efficiently.

Our stump grinding machine is capable of transforming stumps of all sizes into valuable mulch, quickly and efficiently. This machine is also designed to travel over sensitive landscapes like turf without any damage. The result is a neat and clean space that can be reused for planting.

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