What To Do With A Fallen Tree After A Storm

Signs Indicating The Need For Tree Removal Services

Determining whether or not you need emergency tree removal after a storm can be a tough decision. The primary concern is always personal safety and preventing any unnecessary property damage. Removing a hazardous tree (one that has fallen or leaning dangerously) is one of the first steps in the storm clean-up process. Here are some important guidelines to help you make that important decision.

  • Determine if the tree poses any hazards to life and property. This may range from blocking access areas, a roadway, side street or sidewalk, to leaning against your house/garage or threatening to fall and damage cars, equipment and the building.
  • Assess the potential damage to utility lines; especially if you have overhead wires or telephone boxes close by.
  • Consider the neighbouring property and the damage the fallen tree may cause to it.

Call a reliable emergency tree removal company right away if the fallen tree is causing any of these situations described above. If you are still not sure, consider getting professional advice from the tree company itself. It is important to understand that trees do suffer some amount of damage during a storm and may need some rehabilitation. Experts can help make the critical decision about whether you should dispose of the tree or save it.

Some typical signs that you may need tree removal services:

  • Downed or uprooted trees
  • A tree that is leaning dangerously
  • Cracked or split branch(es) in a direction that could hit people, structures, personal property, or otherwise cause injury
  • A tree that has lost more than 50% of its crown
  • Broken top, especially in the case of large trees

Tree cutting and removal is a hazardous job which requires knowledge, experience and the right tools. Using correct techniques and safety gear is critical to the prevention of serious injuries and further property damage. A tree removal service offers both efficiency and safety. It is a small price to pay for your peace of mind.

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