Spring ‘Cleaning’ And Tree Assessments

Tree Assessments Offered By Your Toronto Tree Service

Tree Care TorontoSpring is not far away, although it doesn’t seem like it yet, and your trees will likely need some TLC after this long, cold winter.

A tree assessment, like a trip to your doctor’s office, is a great way to check on the health of your tree. An assessment can provide you with the tools to plan for your tree care needs over the next year. Some of the issues that may require attention are:

  • Cracks and splits – Snow and ice can hide these problems in winter, and with the thaw in spring, they can become more apparent and in need of attention
  • Getting to the root of the problem – Assessing the roots and lower trunk can identify issues regarding stability
  • Pests and diseases – Hopefully some critters will have been killed by the cold, but it’s still worth checking out
  • Emerald Ash Borer – With the ice storm EAB has been pushed to the back of our minds but the storm may have had an impact on your ash trees in terms of stability, structure and health

Fertilizing in the spring can help to maintain the health of trees, shrubs and hedges and give a much needed boost to their winter-weary limbs (like vitamins for us humans).

Aeration can aid in boosting oxygen levels in the root system, especially after soil compaction from construction.

Also, tree cleaning or washing is beneficial to salt covered twigs and leaves (particularly evergreens such as cedar or spruce). It can wash away a winter of salt along with some of those pesky critters we talked about earlier…

Trees are an investment just like a house, providing us with air to breathe, cooling our homes (reducing hydro bills!) and giving us a shady spot to sit under in the hot sun. And don’t forget that properties with trees command a higher selling price – so invest wisely in your trees and reap the benefits.

Contact us now for a quote for tree assessments, pest/disease diagnosis and fertilizing/aeration or tree cleaning fees.

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