Spider Lift Rentals

both-liftsOntree has acquired two “spider lift” machines and is making these available for hire.  Spider lifts are aerial man-lifting devices that can reach various heights, and are versatile machines capable of working indoors (electric) or outdoors (gas).

Ontree acquired these machines during the ice storm of 2013/14 in order to work safely in dangerous and hazardous trees.  We continue to use the spider lifts to remove dangerous trees, especially dead and dying ash trees, as well as to conduct normal pruning and maintenance operations.

The great advantage of spider lift machines is their ability to fit into tight spaces.  Our two lifts have operating heights of 55’ and 78’, but fold down and fit through 36” openings:

55′ Lift

Working height: 55′
Driving width: 31″
Driving height: 80″
Driving length: 15.25′
Basket: 2 man

78′ Lift

Working height: 78′
Driving width: 34.5″
Driving height: 77.5″
Driving length: 22.2′
Basket: 2 man

Ontree is now hiring out these machines to other tree care professionals.  Machines include an experienced arborist/operator who will conduct the pruning operations, with the renter’s option to provide a second worker in the two man bucket.

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