Pests, Diseases, And Issues To Look Out For In May And June

Pests, Diseases And Issues To Pay Attention To

Bronze Birch Borer

Bronze Birch BorerBronze Birch BorerHorse Chestnut In BloomPest or Disease: Bronze Birch Borer
Phenology and/or Species: Horse chestnut in bloom
Product/Remedy: Pruning out dead wood, fertilize, aerate and water
# of Treatments: As Required

Honeylocust Plant Bug

Honeylocust Plant BugHoneylocust Plant BugLilac In BloomPest or Disease: Honeylocust Plant Bug
Phenology and/or Species: Lilac in bloom
Product/Remedy: Soap or oil
# of Treatments: As Required

Cedar Leaf Miner

Cedar Leaf MinerMagnolia In BloomPest or Disease: Cedar leaf miner
Phenology and/or Species: Magnolia in bloom
Product/Remedy: Soap/pruning
# of Treatments: 1 application

Pine Needle Scale

Pine Needle ScalePine Needle ScalePine Needle ScalePest or Disease: Pine needle scale
Phenology and/or Species: silver maple setting seed
Product/Remedy: Insecticide
# of Treatments: 3 application


Images courtesy of:
Joseph O’Brien, Whitney Cranshaw,  Daniel Herms, Dow  Gardens Archive, Dreamstime Stock Images, Minnesota Department of  Natural Resources, Ontario Minstry of  Agriculture and Fisheries, Rob Routledge, Jason Sharman

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