The Root Cause Of Tree Issues

Trees And Shrubs Covered In SnowMany tree issues may stem from root and lower trunk damage in one form or another. Poor planting, construction damage, compacted or disturbed soils are examples of situations that often cause root damage and initiate tree decline. Unfortunately, the signs of damage are not usually evident for several years, and by then intervention may be too late. The best way to remedy a declining tree is to avoid injuring it!

Planting larger size trees is best left to professionals. Trees planted too deep or too high, or without potential girdling roots being treated, or not properly watered, are usually trees that develop root problems and will likely be dead within 10 years.

Construction near trees usually has a hidden cost never revealed by your contractor: removal fees. Whenever you are having work done on your property, no matter the size or nature of the project, always ask your contractors how they are planning to protect your trees. If their tree protection plan was not created by an experienced and certified arborist, it is probably insufficient.

Damage from construction activities is usually hidden because it occurs underground in the rooting area. Severing roots, compacting soils, and changing grades are common construction activities that lead to tree decline and often death. Problems begin in the root system, but might not become noticeable for 5-10 years after the construction is finished.

Tree’s roots are vital. When roots become injured, the whole tree becomes stressed. Root damage is not easily diagnosed or repaired, but there are some options available. Fertilizing, mulching, aerating and watering are all actions aimed at improving or repairing damaged root systems. But remember, the best way to repair tree root damage is to avoid it!

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